Meet our Columbus fashion guest blogger Maren Roth, owner of Short North boutique Rowe

Meet the Bloggers: Maren Roth

Meet our Columbus fashion guest blogger Maren Roth, owner of Short North boutique Rowe

My full name is Maren Kyle Roth, although I always wanted it to be Kyle Maren Roth because one, no one ever got Maren right, so I thought Kyle might be easier, and two, I always had-for lack of a better word-a little bit of a masculine streak in my style. I felt Kyle was, for the most part, associated as a boy's name, and I really liked that. I never wanted to be a boy; I just always loved boys' style. I was always wearing loafers and blazers and ties when I was younger, and loved fedoras and suits.

Don't get me wrong, I can be a total girly girl, too. I love a good sequin, and the higher the heel, the better. I just really love the idea of mixing a bohemian feminine style with the clean lines of a classic coat or great fitting pair of pants.

As far back as I can remember, I have loved clothes, from dressing up as a child in my mom's fur coats to walking the runway as a teen model for Limited Too. I knew I would be in fashion when I grew up.

After 5 years in New York's fashion industry, I had an itch to start doing my own thing. And when I realized what that thing was, I had to start immediately! I was so determined to get this business going, I didn't let anything stop me. And now, six years later, I have created something I am so proud of that allows me to do exactly what I love every single day. And it's not work when you love what you do.

All About Me Maren Roth

Age: 33

Gig: Stylist/Buyer/Owner of Rowe Boutique

Personal style: Downtown polished girl with a bohemian flare

Style icons: Jane Birkin, Iris Apfel, KateBosworth

Favorite designers: Ahhh, it's so hard to give definitive favorites. My all-time is Yves Saint Laurent, and the others I am loving at themoment are Iro, Mulberry, Isabel Marant and Jenny Packham.

Favorite three pieces in your closet right now: My oversized AlexaMulberry Bag, NSF Boyfriend Jeans and Iro Regan Jacket

Go-to outfit: You will usually see me in either jeans and a blazer or a maxidress/skirt of some sort. And I love just about anything backless.

All-time favorite fashion splurge: My YSL Muse Bag

All-time favorite fashion bargain: My vintage Jaeger blazer that I foundat a flea market in New York

True style is… knowing who you are and having theconfidence to express it with what you wear.