Editor Kristy Eckert works with a CCAD designer

Sarah Frederick might just be the next big thing. And when she is, remember you heard her name here first. The Columbus College of Art & Design senior fashion design student boasts one of the best collections in this year's class. And lucky for me, she's designing a dress for me to wear to this year's senior fashion show. First off, we talked about my tastes, my style and what I do and don't want-maxi (yes), sleeves (no) and so on. Then, she sketched several options that are beautiful pieces of art in and of themselves. I chose my favorite, we talked through some tweaks and she re-drew what will likely be the final sketch. She chose some beautiful neutral material from New York-ivory suede for the top and camel sateen for the bottom. But she wanted to order in more options, too, just to be sure. We looked over the several choices of sateen that they sent, from teal to hunter green to raspberry. In the end, we still liked her original options best. "I'm sorry you went to all that trouble only to have us choose the material you started with," I said. She just smiled. "Don't apologize," she countered. "I wouldn't have felt great about it unless I knew we had explored all the options." Impressive, I thought, for anyone-let alone a 22-year-old. Thus, on to the measurements. Sarah had carefully written each measurement she wanted, and there were lots (and in places I've never been measured before, even for custom goodies). Now, she's working on two muslin patterns for me to try on before she starts the actual dress. (We've wavering on exactly how plunging the neckline should be.) It's no secret that the CCAD fashion show is one of my favorite events in the city. But getting to walk through this process makes it even more special. I'm in awe of this young woman's talent. And excited to have a piece from a designer who's only beginning her journey. Stay tuned.

–Kristy Eckert, @kristyeckert