Take a tour of the store's three rooms

The new Brigade store at 940 North High is comprised of three rooms.

The main Brigade room is full, with racks of clothing lining the walls and a center table with candles, pants and other miscellaneous objects.Repertoire has its own room, too, with a shoe and bag wall and filled with the brand's signature collegiate designs. Manager Larry Robertson has carefully selected antiques, clothing and furniture to fill his room. Colorful bowties, designed and produced locally fromRings & Algebra, sit neatly on a table next to glass beakers and bottles. Brigade will soon offer refreshments on a patio area, so come ready to shop and sip.

The store will launch local designer Genoveva Christoff's line this Friday evening, May 31. Christoff has shown at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. You can take a peek at a few designs and sketches here.

-Taylor Rogers, @rogerstaylorj