Here's what it's like to work at the boutique

Ever wonder what it's like to work at your favorite boutique?

Thread on Grandview and Thread on High, the boutique's new Dublin location opening in August, are hiring. Amber Kuehn, store director, said she needs eight to 10 part-time employees. We asked her what, exactly, makes a good Thread employee. Here's the email conversation.

Interested? Stop by the Grandview location or email

What kind of experience do you prefer?

We are looking for people with sales experience-any kind. If you are a good conversationalist, you will like selling clothing and accessories. People with customer service experience are usually a good fit, too.

What's an average day like at Thread?

A day at THREAD, much like a day in most retail environments, is fast-paced and ever-changing. Every day is a little different in retail. Our focus/priority is the customer and their experience in the store. During down time, we work on merchandising the store and keeping the visuals and mannequins current (dressed in the newest merchandise).

What personality traits are you after?

We have a variety of customers, so we like our sales force to be diverse, too. An applicant should be outgoing, enjoy engaging people in conversation, energetic, hard working. A love of fashion and dressing people helps, too, but we can train people who have the drive to want to really service clients.

Let's face it-the employee discount is sure to be an alluring option for those interested. What's yours?

THREAD has a generous discount policy that rivals larger chain stores. There are great incentives and contests as well to keep employees motivated and in the most current merchandise.

-Taylor Rogers, @rogerstaylorj