Shop handmade studded shorts and vintage finds

Local vintage chaser and Etsy shop owner Kate Block, of Louise&Co., will be at Ladybird today, June 20, for a trunk show.

Block, who's also a Fashion and Retail Studies major at Ohio State, creates studded shorts from old jeans and hunts for vintage shirts and sweaters at local shops. (You might have seen her at Columbus Spring Flea.) She'll be at the Short North boutique from 6 to 9 p.m. with some of her recent finds and creations.

We talked with her about Louise&Co. and why she loves to turn something old into something new. Her edited responses, and a few photos of her handmade shorts, are below.

-Taylor Rogers, @rogerstaylorj

What will shoppers find at the trunk show?

I have a vintage clothing online shop, and I also make studded shorts, so I'll be bringing a sample of what I have. (Because I can't bring it all-it won't fit!) What we're thinking is stuff that will mix and match-a pair of my shorts with a top of hers. That's kind of the idea-mixing my vintage pieces with her new pieces.

Tell me about the concept of Louise&Co.?

Well, I'm actually from Iowa, and when I was there, I was in desperate need of a creative outlet. And I knew I wanted to do something in fashion, but I actually started making jewelry on Etsy, and I realized it wasn't what I was going for.

And after the jewelry, I started with my shorts. About a year ago, I was like OK, not just the shorts, I need to find others things to appeal to a broader audience. So what I did was I went with vintage shirts, sweaters and all that stuff. There are a lot of people in Columbus that do this too, and it's grown from there.

What do you love about repurposed and vintage clothing?

The main thing with the shorts is I like having something like that that could go to waste because people are like, "Oh, those are mom jeans. I don't want to wear them." But when you cut them off, people see them in a new light. People just need to see this stuff and say, "Oh, that's how I can style it."

Will you stick with Louise&Co. once you graduate?

That's my plan right now. It does take a lot of my time, but once I graduate, I hope to make it my main focus.

Photos courtesy of Kate Block