Three outfits for three summer occasions

Columbus fashion guest blogger Maren Roth is owner of Short North boutiqueRowe.

Lucky for me, I am a little past the wedding circuit, so I really look forward to the one wedding I have per year. For a summer cocktail attire wedding, I would wear this Love Shack Fancy silk halter dress.I love that the back is open and you have versatility with the neck ties.I chose to double knot them, but I would also wear them twisted or just flat depending on my mood and the look I felt the most glam in.I would pair this dress with either nude or metallic strappy heels and some simple, sparkly jewelry-such as a great cocktail ring and either a statement earring or a rhinestone stud.I think an ethereal maxi dress is sheer perfection for an outdoor summer wedding.

Dress: Love Shack Fancy, $425 Bracelets: Chibi, $78 Rings: Assorted
All available at Rowe

Festival/Summer Concert/Cookout:
Ohio summer air can be thick and muggy, so if I'm planning on being outside for long periods of time, I want to wear something nice and light, such as an airy tank and a light cotton pair of shorts.The crochet front of this Lauren Moffatt top creates a nice flow of air, and by pairing it with a nude bra, it creates the illusion of an under layer.I love the neutral color, allowing the bold printed short to really be the standout piece in this look.I love to layer on the boho accessories, and I never leave home without my Ray Bans in the summer.I completed the look with a comfortable leather and wood chunky sandal, and don't forget to carry a cross body bag-it keeps hands free for eating and drinking.

Top: Lauren Moffatt, $280 Shorts: THML, $94 Shoes: Dolce Vita, $95 Jewelry: Assorted Sunglasses: Ray Bans, $164 Crossbody Bag: Cleobella, $365
All available at Rowe

Baby Shower/Wedding Shower/Lunch with the Girls:
I tend not to be a very girly dresser, which is why I love Lauren Moffatt. She does girly in a non-girly way. I have been a fan of hers for years, and when we got these two pieces in (yes, it's a top and skirt, not a dress), I immediately put them on together and fell in love with this look. It's exactly what I would wear for a girly day, but I'd still feel totally myself. The peek-abo cutout is my favorite detail on the top, and I love that the skirt gives both shape and flow to my figure. It's got enough color, so I just added a neutral bag, a causal leather summer heel anda few gold accessories to keep the entire look understated.

Top: Lauren Moffatt, $271 Skirt: Lauren Moffatt, $280 Bag: Lodis, $132 Shoes: Dolce Vita, $95 Bracelet: AV Max, $30 Rings: Assorted