See what we thought about this texture spray for hair...

Recently I've been frustrated with flat hair upon waking, so I wanted to try a product to give me the volume I desire. I came across the Dry Dirt Texture Spray from Jonathan Product, and its promise of providing "dramatic separation and definition for a textured voluminous look" had me intrigued. When I styled my hair, I followed the instructions to hold the can about six inches from my roots. After the product was in place, I worked my fingers through my hair to add volume.

The results? I liked the fresh scent of the Texture Spray, and it wasn't sticky and didn't leave residue on my fingertips. However, it still left my hair looking a bit flat. It wasn't until I ran a brush through my hair that it added some volume. If you're in a pinch the Dry Dirt Texture Spray would suffice, but it's not a product I would add to my daily routine. To try it for yourself, you can find the spray for $22 at

-Heather Weekley, @heather_weekley