The journalism student tells her story with style

Audra Heinrichs is a senior journalism student at The Ohio State University. She blogs about what inspires her

I like to think that style and an affinity for everything fashion is just another trait one inherits from a parent. I believe it to be a vital part of one's DNA, right along with eye-color and ear lobe attachment (or un-attachment in my case.) The point is I was born with an appreciation for dressing, designers and the details that go along with sophistication and styling. The gene apparently runs strong in my family, as I often looked to my grandmother, my mother and my sister for daily inspiration. The thought of wearing high heels and crimson lips held quite the strong appeal for me as a child.

As I grew older, I became acquainted with and was deeply influenced by music. The Stones, The Beatles, my beloved Chili Peppers and a massive collection of others were ushered into my life. Of course I appreciated their work and sang along at the top of my lungs to every tune, but the way in which they dressed and presented themselves was a true revelation to me. I never realized just how much fashion played a role in the entertainment industry. No one will ever forget when The Beatles wore the military-esque garb for Sgt. Pepper, or Mick's many onstage ensembles: from capes to those now famous skintight trousers. They are icons-exuding an effortless cool that I work to emulate on a daily basis.

Throughout my teenage years, I experimented with every look imaginable: There was the goth phase after my first heartbreak, the flower child when I developed a serious fascination for the 60's, and the most unexpected of all-ultra feminine. My teen years were spent seeking out attention primarily in what I chose to wear. When schoolmates were creeping out at all hours of the night with boys and booze, I was merely scheming my next fashion statement. Now, I dress purely for me. It has become a treasured outlet of mine-merely another way to express myself. My style recipe is this: a pair of heels for my mother, the extensive t-shirt collection and grungy leather pieces for the rock gods, and the rest is little bits of me, myself and I. Whenever my words fail me, style never fails to pick up the slack.

All About Me Audra Heinrichs

Age: 19

Title: Full-time journalism student at The Ohio State University

Personal Style: Polished, meets downtown edge

Style Icon(s): Bianca Jagger, Man Repeller and I draw an awful lot of inspiration from off-duty models

Favorite three designers: Chanel, Balmain and McQueen of course

Favorite three pieces in your closet right now: My vintage leather Levi's bomber, my mass collection of t-shirts and my leather Vince Camuto ankle booties

Go-to outfit: I think of myself as quite carefree, so I generally gravitate towards my favorite pair of cut-off denim shorts, or my oversized leather Zara shorts with an interesting t-shirt and a pair of my favorite caged heels or ankle boots-whatever feels comfortable to me that day. I also love to add unexpected pieces like a fedora or a backwards baseball cap and bits and bobs of my collection of jewelry.

All-time favorite fashion splurge: It's very rare that I splurge on one particular item, but if I had to choose, I would say my Prada handbag. I bought it myself in Florence on my family's vacation to Italy two summers ago, and it holds many a good memory. Each time I carry it I remember the life-changing experience we all shared. I often find that when an item holds some sort of tale, it means all the more when worn.

All-time favorite fashion bargain: At my first job in my uncle's restaurant, I was serving a very dapper older couple. They couldn't have been more genuine and they held a certain distinction about them. The woman carried this navy Chanel bag that I instantly admired and when I complimented her on it, she promised that the next time they visited the restaurant she would gift it to me. I laughed obviously taking it as a joke, but sure enough, when they returned almost a year after the fact, she gave me the bag. It's from 1982 and looks like it has seen better days, but that's what I love about it. I don't like things that are too refined. That whole exchange is so special to me, I hope to pay it forward to yet another budding fashionista down the road.

True style is… Unpretentious, Unafraid, and Uninhibited. There is no right or wrong in being yourself!