Vernacular will come to German Village this fall

The owners of Objects for the Home just announced they'll open a second store in German Village this fall.

Vernacular, which will take on the vibe of the historic neighborhood, is set to open its doors in mid-to-late September. Chelsea Cabot, owner of Grandview's Objects, said she and co-owner Kristopher Konieczko always had goals for a second storefront.

"It's always been on our radar," she said. "We had no intent of doing so this early, but we were approached for filling the space, so we just decided to make it work."

Vernacular will be a little bit more of a lifestyle brand, Cabot said. Think apparel, décor and great gifts for friends and family. The interior will be moodier, with "inky" black walls and an urban aesthetic.

"We really try to hone in on the neighborhood we're in and listen to what people are asking for," she said. "We're a neighborhood store where we are and now, and we just want to be the same thing for German Village."

At around 500 square feet, it's also much smaller than Objects, but shoppers will find the same high standards and many of the product lines the two owners love at the new store.

Vernacular will be located at 177 East Beck Street.

Interested in joining Cabot's team? Fill out the application hereand drop it off at Objects for the Home or email it to

-Taylor Rogers, @rogerstaylorj