The owner of Rowe relives her stylish youth

We're taking a little stroll through the past to talk about our favorite fashion moments. Here, we walk with guest bloggerMaren Roth, owner of Short North boutiqueRowe.

First time I remember being aware of style: Age 5 when my mom and aunt took me and my cousins to the Madonna concert. I had to dress just like her!

First pair of shoes I remember loving: My first pair of pink Minnetonka moccasins. Then we actually moved to Minnetonka, and I thought that was the coolest thing ever.

The thing I wouldn't take off as a kid: There wasn't really anything I wouldn't take off; however, I always had to have my blankey with me wherever I went. It was my little accessory (and I still have it).But as I was sitting down to write this, I was chatting with my mom about this question, and she reminded me that from the ages of 1 to 5, she always made me where a sailor dress to my birthday party.I finally told her when I was about to turn 6 that I would no longer be wearing a sailor dress to my party.

Most memorable first-day-of-school outfit: White shorts romper

Must-have clothing item or style when I was in junior high: Blazer (still is)

What I wore in my senior pictures: I had a few outfit changes and really, looking back, don't love any of them, but I was working at J.Crew at that time, so I wore a simple knit top and slacks with my hair pulled back. Very classic.

First piece of clothing or shoes I remember splurging on: Actually, it was an accessory, a Prada nylon crossbody bag. They were all the rage when I was in college.

Most memorable wedding look: Probably my Terri Stevens Dress that I saw on a runway during a charity fashion show in Columbus.I went up to her after and told her I had to have it for a black tie wedding, and she fit it to my body perfectly.I have never gotten so many compliments! I also loved my flower girl outfit I wore to my aunts wedding. We had these adorable flower crowns and very '80s dresses.

Item in my closet I've had the longest: This is a toughy, but I would say my white Calvin Klein bikini. It's a classic, and I still wear it every season.

Items I've literally worn out: Almost every pair of Matt Bernson shoes. I love them so much; I wear them constantly.I have been told I walk hard, so I can be pretty tough on my shoes and literally end up wearing them to their fashion death.

Items I've bought multiples of: Commando underwear from Rowe

Biggest fashion miss (aka: the style moment I wish I could take back): A velvet short-sleeved jacket, wide leg jeans and metallic pointy flats I wore to a Barney's event when I was living in New York. It was hideous, and there is a Patrick McMullen party picture floating around there somewhere… eek!

Biggest fashion hit (aka: the style moment that made me feel most amazing): My best friend Kelley was an editor at Jane Magazine, and she let me borrow an Etro dress from the fashion closet for my 25th birthday.My dad was really sick at the time, so my parents couldn't come to my big party in New York, and I was feeling really down, but that dress made me look and feel amazing.

All-time most memorable style moment: My aunt Linda always reminds me of this and has to say it in my 5-year-old voice… the moment she gave me "my furst fuuuur."