The Flea founder shares her style highs and lows

We're taking a little stroll through the past to talk about our favorite fashion moments. Here, we walk with guest blogger Nikki Portman, thefounder of Columbus Flea.

First time I remember being aware of style:

I watched a lot of MTV in my youth. The channel was born the same year I was, and from the moment I can remember (before they stopped focusing on music, whatever that's about), I was hooked. I saw Cyndi Lauper and I was mystified, really taking to that idea of "anything goes." Bead it, bow it, the brighter the better, with a tutu, who the hell cares?!? Her fire-dyed feathery hair and her eye makeup, and oh I just loved her so much (still do, always will). She was magic to me. It's a tough look to channel as a small child, but I did my best, with the help of my sister.

First pair of shoes I remember loving:

Color block "Punky Brewster" Converse high tops, baby! (I couldn't find a picture, but they closely resembled the jacket pictured on the left.)

The thing I wouldn't take off as a kid:

A fluorescent pink knit skirt. My mom bought it for me on one condition: that I never wear it out of the house. (I totally did it anyway, and what a coincidence-no picture to be found…)

Most memorable first-day-of-school outfit:

A purple dress that had frilly sleeves and fruit on the front. Oh, and a butterfly backpack. It had antennae and everything. Pretty sweet.

Must-have clothing item or style when I was in junior high:

Vintage jeans. My friends and I used to have our moms drop us off on campus so we could scour the racks at Avalon (remember, anyone?) in search of the best in pre-loved denim. I was also way into crochet at the time (attempting to channel an early '90s Drew Barrymore). I suppose not too much has changed…

What I wore in my senior pictures:

Chenille had a big moment in the '90s, and I definitely got in on that action. I wore a burgundy chenille v-neck sweater and some questionably fitting Banana Republic jeans. Look out.

First piece of clothing or shoes I remember splurging on:

My first pair of Diesel jeans. What a slippery slope that was… down the denim rabbit hole we go!

Most memorable wedding look:

I found a photo of my parents from the '70s at my uncle's rehearsal dinner. My mom was wearing this amazing black gown with a plunging neckline that zipped up the back to the high neck. It was a total stunner, and she looked gorgeous in it. I was expecting her to tell me it had gone to Goodwill years ago, but I was PSYCHED when she told me it was hiding out up in her storage closet. I snatched it up right quick and wore it to a friend's wedding shortly after. 'Twas a hit! It's still my favorite go-to for weddings (and other fancy affairs).

Item in my closet I've had the longest:

Bar mitzvah party-favor t-shirt from 1988. I was 7 years old, and to this day, it's my very favorite. 50/50 cotton/polyester blend, royal blue, worn out perfection. Thanks, Max Margolis!

Items I've literally worn out:

Every white v-neck tee I've ever owned, my fringed Minnetonka moccasin booties, and again, I must refer back to my first pair of Diesel jeans: I wore them well past dead.

Items I've bought multiples of:

Matt Bernson leather Love triangle sandals. I just keep on buying 'em.

Biggest fashion miss:

Turtlenecks under sweatshirts. Yikes!

Biggest fashion hit:

Jean shorts over tights. I LOVE a chunky sweater with a perfect pair of cut-offs, so when that look re-surfaced, I was like "ummm…yes!" Summer in the fall feels good.

All-time most memorable style moment:

My money's on…it hasn't happened yet. ;)

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