Fashionable flashbacks from the journalism student

We're taking a little stroll through the past to talk about our favorite fashion moments. Here, we walk with guest bloggerAudra Heinrichs, a senior journalism student at The Ohio State University. She blogs about what inspires her

First time I remember being aware of style:

If I'm being completely honest, I still don't think I'm "aware" of my style. However, I am aware of my complete and utter infatuation with anything related to style. I don't think I'd put myself in that category quite yet. Fashion has occupied a significant space in my mind since I can remember. My mom often tells me that when I was three years old, being dragged in and out of dressing rooms, I was her best critic. For some children, shopping for mom was probably considered some form of torture, but for me it was the medium in which I could express myself. If anyone was tortured, it was my poor mother. I'm quite the tough critic.

First pair of shoes I remember loving:

I'm a '90s kid, so anything of the jelly persuasion is a safe bet. I also had a questionable affinity for knee-high leather boots. My favorite pairing was a leather mini-skirt, fishnet tights and those boots. I'm sure my classmate's parents had a field day with that one.

The thing I wouldn't take off as a kid:

I attended private schools all of my life, meaning I was required to wear a uniform. That thing would be put on my body at 7:30 in the morning and not come off until at least 10 o'clock at night. In high school, it was even later. To the outside world I was just another little girl in a kilt. But to me, I was Britney Spears in the "Hit Me Baby One More Time" music video.

Most memorable first-day-of-school outfit:

As mentioned, I rocked a uniform with the best of them. I always added my own little flair to it. There was no shortage of butterfly clips, argyle knee-highs, saddle shoes and cardigans in my household.

Must-have clothing item or style when I was in junior high:

Well, in my day, you were a nobody if you didn't own at least three items of "clothing" from Abercrombie & Fitch or Hollister. I had at least twenty. A fact I curse on a daily basis. I also had a big love of converse sneakers, and if I had to bet, my love affair with t-shirts began around then. Me and the manager at the local Hot Topic became good pals at that time.

What I wore in my senior pictures:

Although those photographs were only a mere year and a half ago, I absolutely abhor what I chose. Four words for you: Hot pink strapless dress. Not the wisest choice.

First piece of clothing or shoes I remember splurging on:

My Prada handbag is an obvious choice, but I also remember shelling out a pretty penny for a pair of gold reflective platforms from a boutique in Lincoln Park a few years ago. I was hoping for Rihanna, but I probably resembled more of a lady of the night, if you catch my drift.

Most memorable wedding look:

I live for a good wedding. God knows why, but they warm my little black heart more than anything else in this world. What kind of sister would I be if I didn't make mention of my older sister's nuptials? I was fifteen and right smack dab in the middle of puberty. Long story short, I resembled a beige blob with a little too much makeup, but no matter. Very cherished memories were made in my satin Maid of Honor dress that night. That, to me, is worth far more than any fancy frock or perhaps a more flattering fit.

Item in my closet I've had the longest:

A vintage Levi's leather bomber I purchased some time ago in Los Angeles. It's beyond weathered, but it reminds me of many happy times. It still fits like a glove too.

Items I've literally worn out:

A pair of black ankle booties with gold accents. I quite literally wear them every day. There may or may not be a hole threatening to form in the sole, but I just can't let them go. Also, oversized button ups. Instead of toting along a jacket, I never leave the house without one to throw over an outfit or to tie around my waist.

Items I've bought multiples of:

T-shirts and knits from Aritzia. I should truly invest in stock. There is nothing in this world quite like an oversized t-shirt that's oddly flattering.

Biggest fashion miss:

My very first homecoming comes to mind. It was my first formal dance, and I was so thrilled. Of course, I wasn't asked by anyone of the opposite sex, and looking at the pictures, it all suddenly makes perfect sense. I wanted to be different, so I bought this awful layered tulle frock from a vintage boutique. As if that wasn't bad enough, I got daring and chose that night to debut some of the cheapest false eyelashes the world would ever see. If you look closely enough, one is quite literally hanging off. Dead sexy.

Biggest fashion hit (aka: the style moment that made me feel most amazing):

My senior year Christmas Dance ensemble is one I will never forget, nor regret. I ditched the dress and opted for a backless Narcisco Rodriguez black pantsuit. Think Bianca Jagger. Jaws dropped. There may have been some applause. Some of my teachers probably said some silent prayers. All in all, it was a hit. While all of my girlfriends were weighed down by fussy dresses and overly handsy dates, I danced the night away all by lonesome. If there was ever a moment that I felt like a rockstar, it occurred that night.

All-time most memorable style moment:

My most memorable style moment(s) originate from my family's trip to Italy. There was just something about that trip that made me throw out any rules or restrictions I put on myself. Dressing for everyday was suddenly incredibly fun, as it should be. I wore full-skirted dresses to breakfast and drapey silks for dinner. Something about Europe makes everything a bit more glamorous.