Get to know the Solitary Pearl designer

The countdown to the CMH Fashion Week Bridal Show and Finale Runway Show is on. We're profiling the designers whose work you will see-and giving you a sneak peek of what will walk the runway. The bridal show is Oct. 11, and the finale Oct. 12; tickets are available Today, meetChristen Schneider ofSolitary Pearl.

Christen Schneider of Solitary Pearl – Uniting honesty and fashion, Solitary Pearl creates designs with a fresh take on the romantic style, understated to highlight well-fit form and style in gorgeous hand-woven silk from a Cambodian Fair Trade women's collective. Christen Schneider is the head designer and main mind behind Solitary Pearl. A "self-taught" designer and a sewing junky, she is passionate about beautiful design, high quality, honest service and helping people.

CMH Fashion Week: Meet the Bridal Designers

Name: Christen Schneider

Age: 27

Residence: North Olmsted (west side of Cleveland)

Credentials: I have run Solitary Pearl for 2+ years, but I'm self-taught (and mom-taught when I was young). I've had my pieces at Wed Altered, the show I organize with 20+ designers (and growing!) in NYC during Bridal Market in April and October every year. I also will have pieces in the Plitz show during the February NYC Fashion Week.

My story: Growing into this company and working with people on meaningful moments in their lives has made the last few years wonderful. I am a learner and a teacher at heart, which really shapes my goals and daily work. I have a love of beautiful dresses and a big passion for social justice.

Personal style: Feminine, unique, colorful and understated.

Style icon: Grace Kelly mixed with Zooey Deschanel

Favorite designers: Nina Ricci, Three Little Ducks, CrOp by David Peck, Mata Traders, Feral Childe

Favorite three pieces in your closet right now: A coral cotton dress, brown leather nautical sandals, my grandma's chunky turquoise ring

True style is... being happy when you leave the house.

This collection: I took classic, feminine looks I've always loved and put one or two unique elements in them. I had a particular lace and set of beautiful silks I wanted to be able to tie together in completely different ways on each dress. I've been tweaking a few of these styles in my head for years, and I love the way they all came together!

Are items shown in this collection for sale? If so, what are the price points? Yes. $925- $2,500

Do you do custom work? If so, what are the price points? Yes! Typically $1,800 and up for a full length gown from silk, $1,100 and up for a shorter gown.

Personal website and/or contact,Christen Schneider,, 614-398-8958

Photos courtesyScott Cunningham