Quick autumn wardrobe updates

Columbus fashion guest blogger Khola Waddy-Jones is a corporate-America-success-story-turned-fashion-blogger who now blogs about clothing from vintage finds to high-end couture atKhola's Klosetand runs an online, upscale consignment store called24Seven Couture.

Oh, that time of year again! One of my favorites simply because I get to break out my fall fashion pieces.

So many trends to choose from, but there are three that will be on heavy rotation this season:

The Punk Trend:

If you'd have asked me a few years ago if I'd every wear something that fell under the term "punk," I would have laughed. Yet here I am, loving every bit of it! It started with the Saint Laurent Fall 2013 runway show where Hedi Slimane harkened back to the grunge days of Marc Jacobs, circa 1992.

I couldn't wait for the Saint Laurent version of the moto boot to come out, and luckily, I didn't have to. While browsing TJ Maxx one day, I practically heard something calling my name. Well, not really, but you know that moment when you find exactly what your looking for and time stops? That moment.

I'll be wearing these with everything, from my floral maxi dress to black leggings and a black tee to keep the look monochromatic.

The Texture Trend:

It's everywhere this fall! My favorite is a yellow snake embossed convertible clutch by Navoh from Nordstrom. I know I'll be wearing quite a bit of black this season, so what better way to add just the right pop of color AND hit the trend right on the mark?

Last but not least:The LEATHER Trend:

If you add one piece and one piece only to your wardrobe, make it a leather jacket. This has been a staple of mine for some time, but it's gone to the big leagues now! You can literally throw this on over anything-a feminine dress to give the unexpected (my personal favorite way to wear it), with denim and even to the office. Just be sure to keep the hardware to a minimum if it's going to the office. Otherwise, the skies the limit! Buckles, zippers, studs…go for it!