On the next big hair trend and coveted celebrity locks

Kim Vo, hairstylist to the stars, has plenty of secrets to spill about hair maintenance.

He stopped at the Columbus Convention Center today, Sept. 23, to share his lightening and hair care techniques (like the "smudge") with some local salon professionals.And he dished on a little celebrity gossip, too. (He recently did makeovers for the cast of "Breaking Amish," and they talked about butter…a lot.)

After highlighting the hair of some live models and fielding questions at the event, hosted by The Brittany Group, a salon product distributor, we grabbed him for a quick Q&A.

-Taylor Rogers, @rogerstaylorj

You said the evolution of the ombre hairstyle is the next big trend. What will that look like?

It's called Chambre. Like Kate Upton on "Vanity Fair." We just customize it. It's a champagne, beige ombre. More highlights, but not dead highlights.

You mentioned that clients always come in asking for Jennifer Aniston's hair color. What other celeb hair is always coveted?

Kate Hudson. It depends on the current movies. But definitely not Miley Cyrus… Length is still in.

What's the most important thing a girl can do to maintain her hair every day?

Not wash it. Wash it every other day. There are also some fantastic products out now that help with maintenance, like temporary color shampoos.

Photo courtesyThe Charles Penzone Salons