Meet Haji, a CCAD grad inspired by world cultures

The countdown to the CMH Fashion Week Bridal Show and Finale Runway Show is on. We're profiling the designers whose work you will see-and giving you a sneak peek of what will walk the runway. The bridal show is Oct. 11, and the finale Oct. 12; tickets are available at Today, meet Kassie Haji.

Kassie Haji – At 24, this fluid designer strives to achieve beauty, detail, and comfort. Using exciting detail, unexpected fabrics, and innovative technique she allows her inspiration to melt and solidify around the curves and length of natural human form, expressing beauty, as she alone sees it.

CMH Fashion Week: Meet the Designers

Name: Kassie Haji

Age: 24

Residence: Franklin County

Credentials: CCAD Graduate. Still job hunting. Was in CCAD Senior Fashion Show 2013.

My story: I am from Kurdistan, in Northern Iraq. Art has been part of my life since I was very young, and as I grew I realized my passion was design, whether it be architecture, industrial or fashion design. As long as I am given opportunity to design, I use my skills to show my personal designs in a creative and innovative way, trying to always produce the best quality I can.

Personal style: Comfortable, beautiful, sophisticated, quality

Favorite designers: Christian Dior, Elie Saab,

True style is... when you feel beautiful, yet effortless and comfortable.

This collection: is inspired by various cultures around the world, taking a look at the beautiful neutral color palettes and details from their clothing and combining them with my own personal style, in which each garment shows a different character and personality. My collection is called Internal Soul.

Are items shown in this collection for sale? If so, what are the price points? Yes, they are. The price points are: It's worth it.

Do you do custom work? If so, what are the price points? I do custom work if asked. The price points are based on the subject and costumer and the level of work put into it.

Personal website and/or contact info: Phone: 401-4971968, Instagram: bykassie

Photos courtesyScott Cunningham