The Kent State Fashion School Graduate mixes street style, rock & roll and luxury

The countdown to the CMH Fashion Week Bridal Show and Finale Runway Show is on. We're profiling the designers whose work you will see-and giving you a sneak peek of what will walk the runway. The bridal show is Oct. 11, and the finale Oct. 12; tickets are available at Today, meet Ray Marsh.

Ray Marsh – A graduate of the Kent State Fashion School, Marsh won the Best Casual/Sportswear award at his senior thesis show. He has been doing custom designs since 2012, converging street style, rock & roll and luxury to create contemporary fashions for any age.

CMH Fashion Week: Meet the Designers

Name: Ray Marsh

Age: 25

Residence: Cleveland

Credentials: Kent State University. I was featured in the KSU senior thesis show in 2010 and 2012.

My story: I am a freelance stylist and designer from Cleveland. I think my goal is to give my customer something different that they wouldn't find at just any retail chain. I like to make things that have luxury finishing and details but more of a streetwear vibe.

Personal style: Grunge gone luxury

Style icon: I have several. I'd think my style icon would be if an Olsen, Kurt Cobain and Gwen Stefani somehow managed to have a lovechild.

Favorite designers: Vivienne Westwood, Helmut Lang, Betsey Johnson, Rick Owens and Balmain

Favorite three pieces in your closet right now: Kill City leather sleeve blazer, Jeffrey Campbell studded sneaker, L.A.M.B. cashmere printed hoodie

True style is... usually not comfortable.

This collection: I feel like the inspiration for most of my collections is really what is going on around me. I was watching a lot of old black and white horror movies and listening to Stevie Nicks and the Misfits. The collection took on this sort of witchy inspiration, in an abstract and modern way.

Are items shown in this collection for sale? If so, what are the price points? I'm working on it! That's my next project after the runway show.

Do you do custom work? If so, what are the price points? I have done a few custom designs in the past and would love to get into it more.

Personal website and/or contact info:,

Photos courtesyScott Cunningham