French architecture, cherry blossoms inspire the couture bridal designer

The countdown to the CMH Fashion Week Bridal Show and Finale Runway Show is on. We're profiling the designers whose work you will see-and giving you a sneak peek of what will walk the runway. The bridal show is Oct. 11, and the finale Oct. 12; tickets are available Today, meet Vanni Wang of Lucio Vanni.

Vanni Wang of Lucio Vanni, Headliner – Vanni Wang began her career in Southeast China with clients including the fashion houses of Chanel, Armani, Prada, BCBG and DKNY. Her designs include classic silhouettes in artistic and couture styles. She was honored as one of "Cleveland Magazine's" Most Interesting People in 2013. She launched Lucio Vanni Couture Bridal, a luxury couture bridal line, in September 2012. She hopes to captures the hearts of brides-to-be with her sophisticated, handcrafted bridal collection made of the finest American and European fabrics and exquisite details. Ms. Wang's bridal collection has been shown at COUTURE: New York Fashion Week and one of her gowns was recognized by "The Knot" magazine as the editor's top pick.

CMH Fashion Week: Meet the Bridal Designers

Name: Vanni Wang

Age: 46

Residence: Rocky River

Credentials: Vanni Wang went to college in China. She owned her own high-end manufacturing factory in China. Later on, she was trained to be a haute couture designer in one of the fashion houses in Paris. Her collection has been featured in New York Fashion week.

My story: Vanni Wang has a tremendous story of entrepreneurship, confidence and optimism that began early in her life. She operated design studios and apparel manufacturing facilities in China. Vanni's reputation for brilliant design, manufacturing techniques and rigorous craftsmanship grew while producing luxury apparel for the biggest names in the global fashion business.

Personal style: Chic, elegant, luxurious, vibrant

Style icon: Anna Wintour

Favorite designers: Myself, Chanel, Armani, Donna Karen, Valentino

Favorite three pieces in your closet right now: All by Lucio Vanni

True style is... wearable, elegant and adorable.

This collection: This collection is inspired by cherry blossoms and French architecture. Vanni seeks to bring the ultimate romantic atmosphere and luxury to the audience with high-end couture techniques.

Are items shown in this collection for sale? If so, what are the price points? Prices points from $1,100 up to $15,000

Do you do custom work? If so, what are the price points? Every piece can be customized.

Personal website and/or contact info:, email