He'll mingle with shoppers at Saks on Oct. 15

Italian jewelry designer Marco Bicego will be at Saks Fifth Avenue at Polaris Fashion Place mingling with shoppers on Tuesday, Oct. 15, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. We emailed him some questions to whet your appetite. Here's how he responded.

-Kristy Eckert, @kristyeckert

Tell us about your most recent collections.

I am really excited about our limited edition collection, which celebrates Marco Bicego's 12th anniversary with Saks Fifth Avenue, the brand's first retail partner.In celebration of this milestone, I have created the "XII for XII" collection that will be available starting Oct. 15 at select Saks Fifth Avenue locations, including Columbus. I have redesigned 12 of our best selling designs-they range from earrings, necklaces and bracelets crafted in the brand's iconic hand-engraved 18kt gold, to necklaces and rings featuring an array of semi-precious stones.

What is inspiring you creatively right now?

I draw inspiration from the beauty I find in my everyday life-colors in nature, architectural design. And I imagine what my clients want to wear next! Also, I am very inspired by the places I travel to, and often, I name my collections after the destination that has inspired me, most recently Africa, Murano, Cairo and Jaipur.

What current jewelry trends are you loving-or hating?

I don't really see jewelry as a trend. It's about a woman's connection to a piece–an emotional feeling. Each season we see our customers gravitating towards certain silhouettes, but there are always constants in jewelry. For fall, we have a lot of long layered necklaces that can be mixed and matched to be worn together.

Last time we talked, you were playing in a soccer league. Still playing?

I do-I play on a soccer team every week, midfield position. Keeps me young!

What's the last piece of yours that you gave your wife?

A sapphire pendant. I recently came across a beautiful pink, raw-cut sapphire that looked beautiful against a thin chain. Once it was completed, I knew it was meant for her!