The designer will emcee the Polaris Macy's shopping event

Project Runway Season 2 finalist Nick Verreos is headed to the Macy's at Polaris this weekend for a fall fashion showdown.

Verreos will emcee the Five Fall Essentials event, happening Saturday, Oct. 19, at 1 p.m. on the first floor in the Impulse Department. Live music, sweet snacks and deals abound.

We chatted with Verreos, who's flying in right after showing his NIKOLAKI collection at Miami Fashion Week, about those five fall staples, his latest line and how he gets inspired.

-Taylor Rogers, @rogerstaylorj

Tell us about the Macy's event.

I'm very excited! Every season Macy's has events to show its customers what the key trends are, and this time it's for fall. It's basically Macy's presenting the fall five essentials, the key pieces that say fall 2013. I'm there to be the emcee and to show everybody the styles. We'll have a fashion show, showing great looks with all Macy's brands and the key pieces. I'm also going to show little details in the garments that are important.

What are those five fall essentials?

Number one, an oversized cardigan. It's a loose, sort of a boyfriend jacket. A little more comfy. Just an oversized cardigan you can throw on, wrap sort of like a cocoon. I love to have an oversized cardigan, especially when I travel, it's sort of like a blanket-but definitely a chic one.

The number two item is a military jacket. This is huge for fall, and I would say it's one of those main pieces if you really wanted to update your fall wardrobe, do it with something military inspired. It doesn't have to be so overt in terms of military. It could be khaki, or it could just have epaulets that have a little detail, some sort of embellishment. You can keep your skinny jeans from last season. You can keep your t-shirt or little tank top, but if you want to update in terms of fall, I think a military jacket would be great.

Next up is a loose blouse, something that you can either wear un-tucked or tucked in but very blousey and a little more updated. It's still fitted in the shoulders. That's something that would look great under a military jacket.

If you want to update your pant for fall, a printed pant would be great. And it doesn't have to be a very outlandish print, but there are so many styles that one can find, especially at Macy's.

Finally, because I am a dress designer and I love me some dresses and I love to see women in dresses no matter what season, the sheath and shift dress for fall are great. When we're talking a sheath dress, it's more of a fitted look. The shift is a little more tunic-y, a little off the body. Here's the thing about the new sheath dresses- they're made of ponte, which is a great fall fabric. It stretches. A lot of designers are calling them "scuba dresses." You put it on and you're like "Whew! Wait a minute, how come I look like I just lost 10 pounds?" It cinches you in correctly. So those are the five fall essentials we'll be highlighting.

Tell us about the NV Nick Verreos line.

It's sort of a diffusion line. For about 12 years I'd been doing the high-end line of NIKOLAKI, and you know, 99 percent of the population really can't afford $5,000 to $6,000 gowns. So this is something I've been working on with my design partner David Paul for about three years. We put together a great team to bring to all women a great price point dress line for under $150. They can get a little bit of Nick. It's not gowns, just dresses. I have sort of a mantra: I believe that every woman deserves a red carpet moment. For example, if you're going to a job interview, that's your red carpet. If you're going to meet your boyfriend for dinner, that's your red carpet. Those are the moments you want to look good and hopefully wear one of my NV Nick Verreos dresses.

Where do you get your inspiration for your designs?

Because I travel a lot, I think a lot of my inspiration comes from my travels. And it could be anywhere. I could be inspired by Columbus, Ohio-you never know! I love going to Italy when I have the chance-and the Greek Islands. I'm half Greek, so there's always a little bit of Greek influence. Visiting museums. I love going to museums. Just looking at sculptures, older paintings. That definitely inspires me. And I think more importantly, I love walking on the streets of the different cities I travel to and just getting inspired by the people and what they wear.

All photos courtesy of Macy's