Gear up for Saturday's game with this Q&A

Mary Major, a public speaker/wellness expert, has channeled her passion for her alma mater into a new creative outlet: jewelry design.

She's the woman behind Buckeye Pearls, the strands of scarlet and white Swarovski pearls joined with a silver clasp. The necklaces range in price, from $75 to $125 and can be purchased here.

So as you gear up for Saturday's big game, here's a quick Q&A with Major.

-Taylor Starek, @rogerstaylorj

How did you get started with jewelry making?

Well I've always been very artistic, even when I was a little kid. I started an art school for the kids in my community. But I just started making jewelry as a hobby. I had a wellness degree, so I really became interested in stone properties, and then I really thought it'd be great to create a necklace that a person could wear and absorb the energy of the stones. And people kept telling me they liked what I was wearing, so I started to think, "Maybe there's a business here." So on one trip, I told myself if anybody asks me about this jewelry, that'll be my sign that I should move forward. That's exactly what happened. A guy ended up buying three necklaces from me right on that trip from D.C. to L.A. I've been making and doing jewelry shows ever since. I've been doing it for ten years now, and I do custom too.

Where did you get the idea for Buckeye Pearls?

This Buckeye Pearl line came because a year and a half ago I saw the Swarovski cultured pearls. It's a cultured pearl with the dye infusion, the same process that Swarovski does to their colored crystals. When I found these two years ago, I got really excited. I guess I'm always looking for the opportunity to do a scarlet and gray line. Every time I'm back for a game, it's still so amazing to me that you can look around and see hundreds of thousands of people sitting there with their scarlet and gray on. It's the uniform. I was a cheerleader at OSU for three years and was homecoming queen in '78. My world was very, very in the university, and I know how much people love to have their scarlet and gray.

They're for serious Buckeye fans.

Yes, and I want people to know that it's a real quality piece that would be perfect for presents, whether it's the holidays or birthdays. I use all cultured pearl product, and it's just a real special gift that anyone could share. I think they'll be happy with them when they wear them. It's something that really resonates with their whole Buckeye dedication.

Photo courtesy of Mary Major