How she met her weight loss goal

Our January issue is devoted to living well, with tons of helpful tips on being fit, happy and healthy. So we're featuring stories from real women-women who've gotten healthy and made themselves over in a magnificent way. Here is Kristine Strange's story.

Name: Kristine Strange

Age: 24

Residence: Clintonville

Gig: Procedural and diagnostic scheduling at Riverside Methodist Hospital. On the side I am the administrator to my Facebook page, where I motivate and inspire others by posting recipe ideas/workout regimen/before and after photos/others success stories. My ultimate goal is to find a career providing assistance to others in their weight loss journey.

Family: No kids or hubby yet, but boyfriend of six years and two kittens (Simba & Charlie)

Weight lost: Start weight: 231; Current weight: 138 (93 pounds lost)

Inches lost: 55

Motivation: I decided once and for all it was time to make a change when my mom had mentioned I consider gastric bypass surgery. I had tried alternative routes, such as weight loss pills, shakes, speaking with nutritionists and psychiatrists along with fad diets. I had lost weight with Weight Watchers in the past, but I gained it back due to negligence of following the program. I wanted an easy route out, but there is no quick fix. [Weight Watchers] worked for me before, and I knew it would work again, but it was going to require hard work. Weight loss surgery was not an option-I was determined I could do it on my own! I started for the final time in November of 2012 and have not looked back. I met my goal in November of 2013 and continue to maintain my goal weight.

Workout regime: My workout routine over the past year has consisted mainly of cardio. I am in the minority when it comes to treadmills. I actually don't mind them and I like that I am in control. I like to challenge myself to meet new goals. When the temperatures are nice, I prefer to run outside (Antrim is beautiful!). I am learning to branch out of my comfort zone and plan to incorporate new activity. I am very interested in CrossFit, which I am going to check out soon. I also plan to sign up for some local races this upcoming year.

Favorite one-hour workout: 5k followed by 50 burpees, 50 air squats and 50 sit ups. You are going you feel it the next day, trust me.

Diet: My diet consists mainly of high protein, high fiber, low carb and low fat (that is essentially what Weight Watchers is). There are no food restrictions, but it is all about eating "Power Foods:" healthy, filling foods. I regained my weight in the past because I restricted myself from the foods I really wanted. Throughout my journey this time, I allowed myself what I wanted, when I wanted it, but in moderation... and I made sure to work it off in the gym. Moderation is key. Depriving yourself will lead to failure.

Favorite healthy snack: I can't really choose one favorite healthy snack. Variety is the spice of life. I like hummus with veggies, hard boiled eggs, yogurt, cottage cheese, almonds, fruit, PB2. I keep my pantry and fridge stocked at all times! Not being prepped with food is what caused me to fail in the past. I make sure to always have something healthy on hand.

Greatest challenge: My greatest challenge is stepping outside of my comfort zone (whether it be with food/exercise/etc.) I have failed so many times in the past, and it can be intimidating to try new things. It is all a part of changing my focus and mentality on life. I often worry about being judged or what others will think, but we have to put ourselves out there once in a while, as it pays off in the end. Had I never stepped in that gym at 231 pounds, I wouldn't be where I am today.

Most exciting success: The most exciting success was meeting my goal weight with Weight Watchers. Had someone told me a year ago I could lose 93 pounds, I would've never believed it. I focused on small, weekly goals to achieve, and before I knew it, I had met my goal. The overall picture can often seem daunting, so for those just beginning, try to take it day by day, meal by meal. Weight Watchers is a wonderful group of people who have held me accountable with my weight loss. The success of the Facebook page has also been incredibly exciting. I never expected so many people would be interested in my journey, and having inspired a few people along the way doesn't hurt either! It's hard to give up when 8,000+ people are expecting you to post each day.

Best advice: Don't find time, make time. Weight loss is not about finding time, you will never find it. I found a quote that has stuck with me: "Someone busier than you is running right now." We all think we are too busy or there is never enough time. There is ALWAYS time! You are worth it, so take that 60 minutes out of your entire day to better your future self.

How your life has changed, in one sentence: I am out of a depression caused by my weight and am beyond thrilled to live up my twenties.