"I have energy, confidence and a jean size that I haven't had since my 20s!"

Our January issue is devoted to living well, with tons of helpful tips on being fit, happy and healthy. So we're featuring stories from real women-women who've gotten healthy and made themselves over in a magnificent way. Here is Michele Savoldi's story.

Name: Michele Savoldi

Age: 47

Residence: Lewis Center

Gig: Owner/sole proprietor of columbus imPRessions, a marketing & PR company I've owned for almost six years

Family: Single with two kids-a daughter, 19, and a son, 16

Weight lost:I've lost 30 pounds sinceJuly 8.

Inches lost:I've lost 29 inches sinceJuly 8.

Motivation: After over 20 years of marriage, I became newly single in May 2013and was starting a new chapter in my life. Over the last couple years I became a bit overweight, so I knew I had to make a lifestyle change. I not only did this for me but for my kids so I could be a healthy, active mom, and for my business, to be a healthy, successful owner. I started researching options and found a plan that would work for me in June.

Workout regime:I met Missy Gleason, who is a Team Beachbody coach, in June. She was going to start a challenge in July with the new DVD series T25 by Shaun T (from the Insanity DVDs). T25 is an intense workout for just 25 minutes. I felt I could attempt that and find 25 minutes in my day to commit to a workout routine. I not only committed to the program and worked out daily, but I also began monitoring my daily calories by logging everything I ate with the MyFitnessPal app. After 10 weeks, I not only completed the T25 challenge, but was the challenge winner, losing 10 percent of my body weight and 20.75 total inches. Not wanting to stop, I continued with T25's Gamma exercise series that focuses on strength training for another eight weeks. Over the holidays I participated in accountability sessions, where we complete any workout of our choice, monitor our calories and report daily to the group. During these sessions, I've either done various T25 exercises or have taken advantage of nice days to walk, hike or bike outdoors. I'm starting the P90X3 DVD series with Tony Horton this month. P90X3 is an intense 30-minute workout session. I can't wait to see what this one is like!

Favorite one-hour workout: T25 is my favorite workout-and it's only 25 minutes. But I also love exercising in the outdoors-from fall and winter hikes at the Columbus Metro Parks to riding my bike and now even running. Stretching is important to me as well, so from time to time I take a Hatha or Vinyasa yoga class at Village Yoga in Powell.

Diet: My eating habits have changed slightly through this transformation but not a lot. I still like to go out to eat, drink some wine and have an occasional splurge. The biggest difference? I don't eat too many sweets anymore. I used to have a huge sweet tooth, but I've really curbed it and only splurge on occasion. I've added Team Beachbody's Shakeology meal replacement drink five times a waeek to my diet. I usually drink a chocolate shake for breakfast and believe Shakeology has curbed my sweet tooth. I've also made more low calorie choices, eat more fruits and vegetables, and I drink lots of water.

Favorite healthy snack: Honeycrisp apple with reduced fat Jif peanut butter

Greatest challenge: At 47-years-old, finding the confidence in myself to get started and to believe that I was not too old to make a transformation.

Most exciting success: Since I've started this journey I've lost 30 pounds and 29 total inches. While that is a huge success, the biggest success for me is that the T25 series put me in good enough shape to begin jogging. In all my years I have never been able to run but always wished I could. This fall I participated in the Step Up for Stefanie 5k. I loved the energy of the 5k so much that I ran in the Run Like a Girl 5k the following month and then participated in the OSU 4-miler in November. It was such an amazing feeling to cross the finish line doing something I never thought I would be able to do! I can't wait to run more this coming year.

Best advice: Believe in yourself, no matter what your age. Surround yourself with supportive people. Have fun with the journey. And don't give up!

How your life has changed, in one sentence: I have energy, confidence and a jean size that I haven't had since my 20s! I'm loving life!