Jenny Borda said she didn't see it coming

Jenny Borda said she didn't see it coming.

The 33-year-old, who works as a physical therapist at Nationwide Children's, had no idea that her boyfriend, Keith, had been plotting a proposal-much less a proposal at her favorite boutique.

But propose he did. On Saturday, Jan. 4, at Rowe in the Short North, Keith, a CrossFit coach, popped the question on a price tag. We chatted with Borda about her most memorable shopping trip to date.

-Taylor Starek, @taylorstarek

Photos courtesy Cait Rose Photography

So, tell us how it happened.

Do you want the long version?


Monday was my birthday, but he said he'd like to do something for my birthday on Saturday. I'd been giving him a hard time because my mom gives me a gift every day that week on my birthday. He said, "I won't give you the whole week, but I will give you a whole day." Right when I got up that morning he gave me a little gift. And when I got back from working out there was another gift. I just thought these were all little birthday presents. And all he told me was that I needed to be ready by 2:30 p.m. When we went out to the car, there was another gift on the floor. We drove Downtown, and I guessed as we were parking that we were going to Rowe. It's my favorite store.

So when we were walking in he said, "I know you've done birthday parties here in the past, and you didn't set up anything this year." He had called the girls beforehand, and they pulled clothes for me. We went in, and there were cupcakes and candles lit, and they had written on the mirror, and there were clothes in the dressing room. I went in and tried clothes on, and when I came out everyone was standing there. Keith asked me if it was expensive, which I thought was weird because everyone was there. So I went back in the dressing room, and I took the sweatshirt off, and I looked at the price tag. It had no price on it, and the tag said, "Jenny, will you marry me? Love, Keith." Every piece of clothing in that room had that on it. I ripped the curtain open, and he came over and got down on one knee.


It was just very me and full of things that I would like. Afterward he had a surprise party with his mom and my parents and some of our friends at Third & Hollywood. It was a little surprise engagement and birthday party.

Very thoughtful! Any plans made yet?

Not really. We've chatted a little bit about dates, maybe fall at the earliest.

What does the ring look like?

It's an old miners cut-it's round and has a circular halo with diamonds on the band. It's awesome. He designed it. It's a custom ring. It's really nice.

And did you get to keep the clothes?

He did get me some! I got the sweatshirt, a jacket and a little clutch.