Use these tips and tricks if you're planning a party for the big game

Planning a big shindig for the Super Bowl? We've got some tips and tricks on making your party smooth and stress-free. Looking for recipe ideas? We've got those too.

-Heather Weekley, @heather_weekley

Need to stock the bar? Head to House Wine in Worthington, where you'll find a large variety of wine-grouped by food category so you can match the drink to the menu-and a recently expanded beer selection. Plus, the shop has a tasting machine, where customers can try wine by the ounce before they buy. When purchasing alcohol, keep in mind this rule from Brooke Kinsey, co-owner and chef of Bleu & Fig: Plan on a bottle of wine per person for the evening, or two bottles of beer per guest per hour. Sabrina Suri, owner of Joie de Vivre Events, recommends trying a potluck dinner. It'll reduce costs, and makes guests feel more welcome if they don't want to show up empty-handed. Menu planning is key. Make a menu, stick to it and shop several days in advance, says Suzanne Karpus, owner of Cornucopia Comestibles Inc. Have pets? Adrienne Mellen Ramstack of Adrienne Elizabeth Events encourages hosts to be considerate and put Fido away if guests have allergies.