The Blue Jackets center dishes on his fashion favorites

The Blue Jackets have some serious off-the-icestyle. So each Monday during the month of February, we're bringing you a new #ManCrushMonday blog featuring a new player. Meet him and learn all about his favorite local shops, eats and more. Watch these guys strut down the runway at the Black Tie Blue Jackets Style Showon Feb. 25.Today, meet Brandon Dubinsky.

[Editor's Note: Brandon Dubinsky is a center and wears #17 for the Columbus Blue Jackets. A native of Anchorage, Alaska, he's the second leading scorer for the Blue Jackets, and his goals are often followed by "DUUUUUUUUUBI" from the crowd.]

Name:Brandon Dubinsky

Age: 27

Twitter: @BDubi17

Go-to look: I have lots of looks-it really depends on what's going on that day

Favorite places to shop: Saks Fifth Avenue

Biggest style splurge: Depends on the season, but a lot of my splurges are watches.

Well-worn favorite: I always wear the same 7 for all Mankind Austyn jeans.

Favorite accessory: my watches (Rolex, Mont Blanc, Breitling) or hats

Travel essentials: computer, cell phone, toothbrush

Favorite cologne: Green Irish Tweed by Creed

Stubble or clean-shaven: It depends on how lazy I am.

Morning or night: night

Bare feet or socks: depends

Can't-miss TV show: I'm dedicated to Sunday NFL football.

Last movie you watched: Lone Survivor

Magazine subscriptions: WatchTime, Robb Report, Time

On your iPod:Everything-it depends on the mood. (Dance music to get fired up, relaxing music to chill out. I'm even known to throw on some Goo Goo Dolls Greatest Hits.)

In your tummy: sushi from Kooma

Drink of choice: blueberry vodka with lemonade and club soda

What you drive: BMW

Passions: golf, fishing, hanging out with friends

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