#72 for the Blue Jackets on his style, splurges & his favorite foods from home

The Blue Jackets have some serious off-the-icestyle. So each Monday during the month of February, we're bringing you a new #ManCrushMonday blog featuring a new player. Meet him and learn all about his favorite local shops, eats and more. Watch these guys strut down the runway at the Black Tie Blue Jackets Style Showon Feb. 25.Today, meet Sergei Bobrovsky.

[Editor's note: Sergei Bobrovsky is the goaltender and wears #72 for the Columbus Blue Jackets. A native of Novokuznetsk, Russia, he won the Vezina Trophy last season as the NHL's best goaltender. Sergei won't be walking in the style show this year-he's making his way back from the Olympics in Russia.]

Name: Sergei Bobrovsky

Age: 25

Twitter: N/A

Go-to look:It depends on the event. If I'm headed to a restaurant, I like to wear a classic style, usually with jeans.

Favorite places to shop: New York's Madison Avenue, LA's Rodeo Drive or Chicago's Magnificent Mile

Biggest style splurge: a Breguet watch

Well-worn favorite: Dolce & Gabbana jeans

Favorite accessory: probably jewelry-bracelets, cuff links, etc.

Travel essentials: iPad mini-it's light & comfortable.

Sleepwear: Tough to pick one.

Favorite cologne: Hermes men

Stubble or clean-shaven:It depends on the season. Usually stubble during the season.

Morning or night: morning

Bare feet or socks: socks

Can't-miss TV show: It's a Russian show called "Comedy Club."

Last movie you watched: Jack Ryan

Magazine subscriptions: Not really. I'm more into books.

On your iPod: Classic sometimes. Before games, I listen to techno-sometimes Russian popular music.

In your tummy: my mother's cooking, Pelmeni (like a ravioli with meat), borsch, sirok

Drink of choice: usually just water

What you drive: Porsche

Passions: It depends on the season. In season, I like a quiet atmosphere and to be with my wife. During the off-season, I like to swim, read books and travel with my wife.

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