On her new role, on-air style and Columbus favorites

She's the face that greets Columbus on 10TV News HD at 4:25 a.m. weekday mornings.

(And yes, she sets three alarms to get herself out of bed.)

But anchor Angela An, 42, is far more than a charming TV personality. Her resume boasts a degree from the University of Southern California, four Emmys (Best Anchor, Best Reporter, Best General Assignment Reporting and Best Breaking News Coverage), a black belt in Tae Kwon Do, and volunteer work for groups from the Susan G. Komen Foundation to Canine Companions for Independence.

The new mother intrigued viewers during her recent pregnancy by sharing her journey through in vitro fertilization. After heartache and struggle, she and husband Don, who live in New Albany, are grateful, proud parents to a 14-month-old daughter, Emma.

Now, An is wearing yet another hat: CMH Fashion Week board president. As designers face a jury tonight to see whose looks will make it into the CMH Fashion Week finale show (set for October at the Columbus Athenaeum), we caught up with An to talk about her new role, on-air style and Columbus favorites.

-Kristy Eckert, @kristyeckert

Top Toppers: Angela An and Karina Nova celebrating Hat Day, while the guys celebrate Cinco de Mayo.


What sparked your interest in Columbus Fashion Week?

I just remember being asked to emcee this fashion show… and when I learned about the premise-to nurture young designers-I thought, "Why not?" After that first show, I was sold. After seeing the excitement in the designers, it's just this engine.

After emceeing the show for a couple of years, you joined the board, and were recently elected president. What do you hope to bring to the table in that role?

I want to give them more focus and more direction. Focus on what CMH Fashion Week truly does. If it's nurture young designers, I want to follow them (after the show), see what they've done.

Last year's finale show had a few hiccups, like ticketing problems and a late start. What are you doing to iron those out?

I want people to walk away with this feeling that they had this ethereal experience-this feeling that they want more. How do we get there? Baby steps. I think it just begins with, let's get back to the basics: What's our mission, and what's the best way to execute it?

An Emmys First: "(This is) the first time an entire morning newscast won an Emmy Award," Angela An says. "We won in the category for best breaking news coverage. What made this so special was that included in the awardees were the editors, photogs, live truck engineers, reporters, producers, and not just the front-line team."


What style rules must you follow on air?

For me, suits never suited me-short-waisted, short arms, short neck. The station has never, ever told me (what to wear). I think they want a clean appearance-something minimal, not distracting. Sometimes we'll get emails saying, "Angela's earrings were too long" or "She's showing too much cleavage." So I have to keep in mind that even if something looks good, it could be offensive.

Does it offend you when people make negative remarks like that about what you're wearing?

No. It means they care enough to call or write. I tell the station, "When you get those calls or emails, forward them to me." I want to call and thank them.

Though viewers can't always see them, I know you love your shoes…

When Schottenstein's went out of business, they were selling all of their racks. I bought three of them for $5 each. And I put them in my basement, and I have a mini-DSW. [laughing]

How many pairs?

80 or 90.

Off Duty: Angela An and her morning team off duty at Tommy's Diner.


Restaurant: Smith & Wollensky

Girls' day: Brunch on the patio at Brio or Barcelona.

Way to spend a Saturday: Sleeping in 'til 5 a.m. [laughing] And I love my Saturday mornings right now-the hubby goes to teach martial arts, so that's Mommy and Emmie time.

Date night: A sushi restaurant with the hubby, and then probably a movie.

Hair stylist: Joseph Brunton. First stylist I had here. He's moved to five different places, and I've gone with him. He's at Cathy's in Bexley and at this other salon in German Village.

Secret: I have two. One, if it's a view, Confluence Park. I don't know that many people realize how beautiful that view is. The other is the Heinzerling Foundation. They've been in Columbus for 55 years on the Southwest Side. It's basically a facility where families go who have no other means to raise their children with serious disabilities. You would not know that you were walking into a medical facility. It feels like a home. … When I first visited that place five years ago, I walked out a changed person. I cried.

CMH Fashion Week 2014 will include high tea on Oct. 12, the bridal show on Oct. 16 and the finale runway show on Oct. 18.