A new Columbus nonprofit will provide diapers for Franklin County families in need

Photo courtesy ofRachael Moore

A new Columbus nonprofit that will provide diapers for Franklin County families in need is launching-and you're invited to the party. The Columbus Diaper Bank, which is partnering with the Mid-Ohio Foodbank to distribute diapers throughout the area, is hosting a free event Thursday, March 6 from 6 to 9 p.m. at Woodland's Backyard, 668 Grandview Ave. Guests are invited to join them for cocktails, pizza and awareness.

A sufficient amount of diapers for an infant or toddler costs about $120 a month-a price too high for many low-income families. And leaving a child in the same dirtied diaper all day increases the chance of health problems while also putting the child at risk for abuse because he or she may cry more frequently or appear inconsolable.

Rachael Moore, co-founder and executive director of the Columbus Diaper Bank, wants to address the need. The 28-year-old worked with families in need as an after-school director in the Hilltop area. As is apparently common practice, a desperate mother once offered her $50 in food stamps for $20 in cash to buy diapers, she said.

When funding for her program was cut, Moore's boyfriend, Mike Sorboro of Mikey's Late Night Slice, encouraged Moore to pursue this mission.

"I've never changed a diaper in my life," said Sorboro, who has helped Moore research other diaper banks, including spending a day at one in Washington, D.C. "I was blown away by the fact you can't drop your kid off to daycare with a full day's worth of diapers."

Moore, who hopes to someday be in a position to draw a paycheck but is currently running the bank for no salary, is excited about the help this will provide.

"The Hilltop is my heart now," Moore said. "This is my way of trying to give back to them."

The group has secured diaper discounts so that monetary donations go further than diaper donations, though both will be accepted. For about $12 a month, the diaper bank can provide diapers for one month for one child. They hope to find sustaining donors who will give monthly donations, while also hosting one event a month to bring in donations of both money and diapers.

Attorney Judy Marsh is the group's co-founder.

Sorboro hopes curiosity-and, of course, a bit of his pizza-will draw folks to Thursday's launch party.

"I want you to walk in not even knowing what the hell a diaper bank is," said Sorboro, whose chain includes eight locations and two trucks, "and to leave knowing who, what, when, where (to help)."

Donations of diapers and money are welcomed at the launch party.

You'll find more info at ColumbusDispaerBank.org.

-Kristy Eckert, @kristyeckert