Photo courtesy Kaia Naturals

I love the convenience of using a face wipe to cleanse my face after a long day: It's easy and typically mess-free. Even though I haven't had any trouble with my drugstore-brand wipes, I was eager to try the Juicy Bamboo Natural Bamboo Cleansing Cloths from Kaia Naturals to see if there was a difference. What sets these cloths apart is the fact they're soaked in organic honey and several vitamins (vitamins B12, C and E, if you're keeping track), and the line claims they easily remove makeup and won't dry out skin. I tried the cloths every night for a week, and was pleased with the effects. The honey smell was nice without being overpowering, and I couldn't believe how quickly my mascara and eyeliner came off. I do wish, though, the cloths were a little bigger in size: They were much smaller than what I typically use, and sometimes I struggled to find a clear spot to continue wiping away makeup residue. At $15.50 for a package of 30 cloths, Juicy Bamboo is a little more expensive than what I'm used to spending, but I can't deny how much I loved the fresh feeling and scent on my skin. Find them online at –Heather Weekley, @heather_weekley