Skin Perfect Image Wellness Spa, a skin care and makeup spa created by Jaclyn Peresetsky, opened its second location at the beginning of May. Skin Perfect Studio, found on the corner of Kenny and Bethel Road near Upper Arlington, is a new concept that combines Skin Perfect's signature services with services from independent cosmologists. "Our clients are always asking for hair and nail services when they come for their color analysis," Peresetsky says. We chatted with Peresetsky to learn more about Skin Perfect Studio and what you'll find there. For more information, visit –Heather Weekley, @heather_weekley

Your first location is in the Polaris area. Where can we find Skin Perfect Studio?

It's 1061 Bethel Road. It's across from the Refectory Restaurant. It's a good location because it's easy for clients to get there since it's close to the freeway.

What kind of services does Skin Perfect Studio offer, and how is it different from Skin Perfect Image Wellness Spa?

Skin Perfect Studio is a new concept we are trying due to the Skin Perfect Image Wellness Spa model being extremely hard to replicate. The Wellness Spa is an expensive facility because of the technology we have. The Studio combines the expertise of hair and nails in culmination with the skincare concept and program. The hair and nails are individual mini-businesses. I don't manage them; they go through an interview process to see if they are a good fit with our studio. They have their own clients and do their own thing. On the other side is our skin care spa room. It gives the clients the ease of coming to another location. They can have all the same services as Polaris, but it's a bit of a smaller scale. It works in partnership with the other small cosmetologists we have. We can refer clients back and forth. It also allows our color analysis program to grow.

How many independent cosmetologists are involved?

Right now we have eight cosmetologists, but we will probably cap out at 12. People say, "We would love to collaborate with a business like yours," because it adds something to their business. That's a really nice compliment. You don't realize how many hair and nail technicians want that collaboration. It becomes "Let's work in synergy together and have the best of the best," while everyone still has their own concepts.

Any other plans for the future?

I'm hoping this idea takes off, so that it will become manageable to open these across the country.