Sensitive skin? Here's your new favorite lotion

I have tried a lot of lotions in my day, and I ditch about 90 percent of them after two uses. Granted, I'm not complaining about the samples that flow into our office-horray for job perks!-but I have super sensitive skin and am hard to please. I find most lotions too harsh, too greasy or too expensive. (Also, you work hard for your money. So if I'm going to recommend you something, I want it to be worth it.)

A month ago, when AHAVA sent their new tropical pineapple and white peach collection, I was abnormally intrigued-and delighted. It's one of my favorite lines. And after a month of use, I can confidently say they knocked this collection out of the park. The velvet body lotion ($26) is the perfect summer indulgence: It's light and silky (and not at all greasy), with a sophisticated tropical scent. I've been using it post-shower at night, and it's awesome-arguably the best lotion for sensitive skin I've used. Plus, it comes in a pretty bottle with a pump that actually functions the way you want it to. (Why do so many companies mess that part up?) The cream wash ($23) is great, too-perhaps a bit steep in price, but it's creamy, substantive and sudsy, so a little goes a long way.

You'll find Ahava products at Ulta stores, or

-Kristy Eckert, @kristyeckert