Three new spring styles make up the I Woke Up Like This menu at The Blowout Bar

What are spring's biggest hair trends?

Look for messy ponytails, unkempt fishtail braids and disheveled topknots around town, especially now that The Blowout Bar has introduced three new additions to its menu: The Fishtail Braid, The Topknot and The Ponytail.

"The whole thing is to just look effortless and simple," says Kristin DeJohn, the salon's co-owner.

The new styles make up the "I Woke Up Like This" menu, and each one is priced at $25, $10 less than a regular blowout.

DeJohn says they were looking for ways to incorporate these three trends without charging clients for the price of an updo, which is regularly $70.

Each style takes 30 minutes to complete, can be booked online and requires dry hair. The salon officially launched the I Woke Up Like This menu at both its Dublin and Grandview locations on March 20.

We asked DeJohn to describe the process of creating each style:

The Fishtail Braid

"With the Fishtail Braid, you can have it going to the side or straight down your back. Going to the side is sort of the trend right now. It's a tighter braid at first, and the stylist goes in and makes it messy and pulls a few pieces out around your face to frame your face."

The Topknot

"It's not supposed to look polished-it's supposed to look messy and undone. Our stylists wrap some hair around the top of your head. They use bobby pins and secure the top knot on the top and then pull out a few pieces of hair around the face."

The Ponytail

"They achieve that by adding curl first and creating texture and then [doing] the same thing-wrapping the hair around the ponytail so you don't see it."

-Taylor Starek, @taylorstarek

Photos courtesy The Blowout Bar