Photo via Fashion Week Columbus

Age: 28

Hometown: Columbus

Background: My formal education in fashion is not very extensive. I took a class called "Fashion and Fabrics" my senior year of high school at the Northeast Career Center here in Columbus. I taught myself the rest. I have been making some custom pieces for people here and there throughout the years, but it was at last year's fashion show I officially launched my clothing line.

Approach to fashion: I find inspiration for my fashion everywhere. These days, there is so much of the same, and I try to make things that are a little bit different than what everybody else is selling. If I am looking at a magazine, at art work, or even walking around, I am always looking to see where my next source of inspiration will come from.

Style is … wearing what makes you feel most comfortable. I've seen so many people dressed in things I would never wear, but I still might love that person's style. Whatever your style is, wear it confidently and wear it well.

Most looking forward to … the Finale show of course! I can't wait to show my new line and see the amazing clothes the other designers have in store. I really love the energy of Fashion Week; it's really busy, and the anticipation of the show approaching grows each day.

My Fashion Week Columbus collection in five words or less: If it's PrissyDuck, it's fly!

The celebrity I'd most like to dress: Rihanna

The worst fashion faux pas: The overabundance of cleavage that I see spilling out of many clothes. It seems like the goal for some people is to only have enough fabric to cover the areola. I don't know … sometimes, it's too much!

I never leave home without … my lip gloss. There's nothing like having the perfect lip color to top off a sexy outfit.

My favorite local boutique: Glam 356

My hope for Columbus fashion: I hope Columbus fashion continues to grow. It's amazing how many opportunities and designers we have here in Columbus. I believe Columbus is well on its way to making a strong mark in the industry. I am happy to be a part of the movement!