Roughly 200 people attended the Minka's Furs event at Scioto Reserve Country Club to benefit victims of child sex trafficking, raising more than $15,000

Ebru Burroughs and Jim Russell

Kristyn Wilson, Laura and Brian Butler

Jaclyn Peresetsky, Hayley Zimmerman, Vaidila Harmon and Niki Pizzuti

Danielle Angel, Tim Binkley and Michele Shirer

Jennifer Feucht and Rachel Augustine

Danius Williams, Alissa Markusic and Carabeth Kelly

Toi Vivo and Sue Kantor

Joni Regula, Jasmin Tucker and Kendra Petrill

Brooke Cooper, Ryan Michlitsch, Kelly Ternosky, Ashley Foote, Alisa Apt and Tiffany Fleeman