Since 1991, Central Ohio news viewers have gotten to know Andrea Cambern, her passion for news and her on-air style. But out of the studio and away from the cameras, she cultivates a casual, eclectic look that works.

Since 1991, Central Ohio news viewers have gotten to know Andrea Cambern, her passion for news and her on-air style. But out of the studio and away from the cameras, the 10TV anchor cultivates a casual, eclectic look that works whether gathering on the patio with friends or sitting down to dinner at one of Columbus' hottest restaurants.

Out On The Town

"We love to go out in the various neighborhoods," Cambern said. "We love the Short North and to go out with friends in German Village, sit out on the patio or gather for cocktails or have a nice casual dinner with friends."

For Cambern, a great night out has to do more with the company and the atmosphere, but she and her girlfriends also enjoy sampling the fare at restaurants across the city.

"We really like to eat our way through a weekend. There are so many great restaurants," she said. "Most of our social life is about feasting our way through town. But it's not always about the food. It's about the atmosphere. It's about the scene. I'm always inspired by their dcor."

Designed at home

Cambern and her husband of 17 years, Brett, have made redesigning German Village homes a hobby. The Camberns have moved into each home they've redesigned in the Village.

"My husband works in banking-facts and figures," she said. "And I'm in news, so that's facts and figures. [Interior design] is a way to let the creativity flow.

"The style is kind of eclectic and organic. We like to use a lot of natural materials. It's kind of modern, but we like to use antique pieces as well-architectural remnants. It's a found style."

The Capital City

Both Andrea and Brett are from the West. She was raised in Arizona; he's from California. They moved to Columbus in 1991.

"It was a big adjustment," she recalled. "We didn't know much about Columbus. Everyone we talked to said, 'You're going to love it.' We're so thankful to have made a life here. I hope to be here a long time. This place is more home to me than any other place I've ever been."

There have been some dramatic changes to Columbus since the Camberns arrived here. "It's unbelievable. We've seen the Short North come into its own and develop into a fabulous arts center," she said. "When we got here, to go to a movie, we would literally drive up to Sawmill. We'd have to drive to Dublin to see a movie."

Page Turners

Cambern is an avid reader. She recently finished The Nanny Diaries while on vacation in Italy. "When I'm on vacation I love to read trashy novels," she said. "I just started A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle.

"I also spend a lot of time with fashion and interior-design magazines, so when I'm away from work I can immerse myself in color and texture and be very happy."

Off Camera & In Style

Channel 10 viewers are certainly familiar with her sense of style as a news anchor. "You have to make sure when you're sitting behind that desk that people are listening to what you're saying and not distracted by what you're wearing. There's a formula that supports your credibility and isn't a distraction."

But once the cameras are off, Cambern's style takes a decidedly comfortable turn.

"Because I have to dress a certain way for work, and I have to spend so much time at work, the first thing I look for and grab is a pair of Hudson jeans. These jeans say it's off time. And just a comfy, casual sweater that has a little style to it and silks blouse underneath."

Cambern has several favorite labels that influence her off-air style. "In the past I would have said a Calvin Klein sort of feel," she said. "Now I love Rebecca Taylor. I buy a lot of Theory and Laundry."

He favorite local shopping spots include Principessa in Grandview, Leal in Upper Arlington and the Short North's Rowe and Dr. Mojoe.

"I'll be 50 next year-in my mind I still want to be dressing like the kids. It's a fine line you have to walk, to be current but tasteful and not looking inappropriate," she said. "As far as putting clothes together, I collect along the way and then I throw things together and hope it works."