She once was a little girl bopping around German Village with her Realtor father, Ned Merkle. Now, still-bubbly Molly Pesich, 33, has become a Village fixture in her own right. After working for years in restaurants, she bought The Brown Bag Deli, which boasts tasty treats and the casual vibe Villagers cherish. In the five years since, she has married (property manager Ben Pesich) and become a mother of two boys (Samuel and Braden, both younger than two).

Life Style My greatest passion is: My kids My biggest annoyance is: Lazy people Three things I hope people say I am: Genuine, smart and kind My favorite place to be is: Key West, Florida My ideal day includes: Sleeping in; relaxing with Sam, Brady and Ben; a bottle of Veuve Clicquot (champagne). I'm pretty simple. For my last supper, I would choose: Definitely lobster. Fresh corn. Chocolate mousse for dessert. And some good, yummy, crusty bread. Not in that order, I guess! And a really, really good salad, too. When I want to treat myself, I: Get a facial I feel fulfilled when I: Feel like I've helped someone that needed it The women I most admire are: Michelle Obama. Great mom, great wife, brilliant woman in her own right. And my mom. She raised four kids and went back to school to get a degree in her forties. She's reinvented herself so many times. But no matter what she's doing, she throws herself in it completely. She has such a passion for life. It's inspiring. My secret to success is: I don't feel I've achieved success yet. I view my business and myself as a work in progress. I just hope I'm getting closer to where I want to be every day. Favorites Hobby: Reading Holiday: New Year's Day Book: The Catcher in the Rye or On the Road Band: U2 TV show: Grey's Anatomy Restaurant: Lindey's Saying: Just kill 'em with kindness
Kristy Eckert is editor of Capital Style.