Kariena Turner, 34 and Deborah Vitt, 41
Co-owners, Mutts & Co.
7549 Sawmill Rd., Dublin

So what does your shop offer?
Deborah: We are a full-service specialty pet store. We have the service aspect of our business, which is the dog washing and grooming. And we have everything else to keep your pet happy.

You carry an array of healthy products, including holistic food, treats and toys. Why are holistic items important?
Deborah: What you're putting in your pet's body (greatly) affects their health. We've got many, many customers who come in and their pets have allergies to grains or proteins. There are a lot of options right now (for those pets). And we're brining them those options.
Kariena: It's not just foods. It's not just treats. Holistic is a lifestyle. You're taking everything into account to keep your pet healthy.

What do you offer besides food?
Kariena: We do have a lot of skincare options for them. We can give our customers all-natural products to treat ticks and fleas. A lot of our toys are eco-friendly, so you don't have a lot of the chemicals in them. We also have great products for the teeth.... They're natural products that work.
Deborah: We carry a full range of specialty collars. Again, you can't find them in the big box stores. The patterns are unique. And the prices are reasonable. People are often surprised by that.

Besides your retail items, you also have tubs where customers can come in and wash their dogs. How does it work?
Kariena: It's on a walk-in basis, so they can come in whenever their dog is ready for a bath. They have the shampoo to use (provided by the store). They have the towels. We also have dryers that people can use. We have eye and ear cleaner. And they can spray them with organic spritzers. They can also have us trim their nails.

How much does it cost?
Kariena: $15 for regular and $20 for the ultimate wash.

And the ultimate is what?
Kariena: The hydro-surge has shampoo that comes out at the same time (as the water). You just get a great result with it. It's the most-asked-for of our tubs. Much easier!

You're both from out West, and you met at a mom's group when your husbands brought your families to Ohio. You were shocked there wasn't a self-serve dog wash here. So you eventually decided to open this yourselves?
Kariena: Once you've used a self-serve dog wash, the thought of doing it at home is a nightmare!
Deborah: We wanted to make it easier for people to come to one place and take care of the interior and the exterior.

I know you periodically donate a portion of your proceeds to different rescues. Any other do-gooder work people should know about?
Deborah: We'll do free grooming for dogs that have just entered the foster care system.
Kariena: We also offer a free bath for anyone who's rescued a dog or adopted a dog. So in that first month, they get a free wash.

Kristy Eckert is the editor of Capital Style.