Stacy Ewert, 40
General Manager, FC Store Fixtures
3700 Sullivant Ave., Columbus

You're a huge, unique store. What do you offer?
We offer retail fixture solutions for new and existing businesses at a reasonable, economical price.

What are some specifics, then, that you carry?
Slatwall, gridwall, display cases, mannequins, garment racks and acrylic displays.

Much is new, but how do you get the used items?
Our used items are acquired in a few different ways. Liquidations, if a businesses is going out of business or through a restructure. Like, we have fixtures from The Limited. They're not going out of business-they're restructuring and upgrading.

You get business from folks starting their own businesses, but also from "regular" people, too, yes?
They're looking for things for their garages, their basements. Because we get such a variety of items, they just come searching.

Have you ever bought anything for your home?
Yep. Recently I bought some things for my son's room-some "z" racks and a set of lockers.

What are some of the more odd or interesting items you've had?
To me, nothing anymore is odd or interesting! The thing that you put surgical equipment in-like a sterilizing oven. Meat scales. Surveillance equipment. It's amazing-even the oddball items will sell!

I hear you get a lot of mannequin-seekers around the holidays. What are they after?
The "Christmas Story" leg. They're looking for a leg to make a lamp!

Lastly, your job here actually inspired you to start your own business on the side-Need 2 Bead, a beading store in Canal Winchester. How'd that happen?
I saw all these average Americans coming in and starting their own businesses, and I thought, "If they can be successful, so can I!"

Kristy Eckert is the editor of Capital Style.