Tim O'Neill, 48
President, Reed Arts
909 W. 5th Ave., Columbus

So what does your shop feature?
Primarily, we are a custom picture framer. I have a staff with more than 85 years experience in the industry. But we also feature art items, crafts, decorative accessories, along with auxiliary services.

One of those services is pop art. What is it?
It's an artistic interpretation of a photo a customer provides. There's Warhol style, there's cartoon style or there's a technique that makes the photo look like an oil painting.

Back to the framing: How are you different than other places?
What we try to do in helping a customer design their framing package is to get hints from them about their decorative style. Then, style-wise, we have frames that range from Louis XV baroque styles to arts and crafts styles to minimalist contemporary styles.

You have some amazing leather frames. Can you tell me about them?
These are hand-tooled leather-wrapped frames out of Peru. And the options on these are just incredible - all sorts of leather, textures and colors, with different tooled patterns or leather braiding, hand-stitching. These artisans were saddle makers in Peru, and someone came along and admired their handiwork and said, "You have to come work for us."

What's trendy in framing right now?
The hot trend right now seems to be a rustic elegance. So it's a frame that might have a weathered look to it, but it still has a classy, sophisticated look as well.

You do a lot of sports framing. What does that entail?
Probably the most common request from people is, "Can you frame this sports jersey?" What we like to do is ratchet it up a little bit and tell a story-include tickets from a game or a game ball. Something unique to the owner. Something that does not look like a jersey frame you would see in a restaurant. Something unique we have right now is a frame shaped like a jersey.

You also offer customers the chance to virtually view frames before they order them. How?
One of the nice features we have here is framing visualization software. We can take a photo of your artwork... and then project what the finished product is going to look like.

Who is your customer?
Our customers tend to be educated about art. They need art in their environment - it's not a luxury to them. We do work for collectors. We do work for artists. Anybody who's concerned about preserving the art they want to frame is our client.

How long does it typically take to have something framed?
Our usual cycle is about two weeks. Most of that time involves getting materials in here from our vendors and making sure it's the quality we want it to be. But we also keep certain materials in stock for when people need things in a hurry.

Is all the work done here?
All the work is performed on site.

Kristy Eckert is the editor of Capital Style.