Monique Keegan, 42
Owner, Enjoy Co.
446 E. Broadway, Granville

So what does your store offer?
We have a wide assortment of home furnishings and accessories that are a mix of vintage industrial and touches of modern elements. And since I love to decorate with live plants, we have a lot of plants.

You initially renovated this space - an old Goodyear garage - to create a place for you to meet with your interior design clients. How did it turn into a retail store?
The job (of decorating a home) never really is done. And so everybody wants to know what I have, what's new. The project is never done; everybody's homes evolve. So as my tastes change, they want to be part of it.

You used to work for the women's clothing company Lane Bryant. What did you do there?
I was the head of design for sportswear. And I did that for 15 years. And as kind of an extracurricular, we were contributing editors of Country Living magazine - my husband and I.... We still are.

The two of you have made a hobby of buying, renovating and selling your homes, yes?
This is what we do. The house we live in now, this is probably the longest we've been in one - five years.

Are you getting antsy?
Of course. Of course! I have a couple more buildings to do at our weekend place, so that keeps me busy.

What's your weekend place like?
We have 60 acres. 1820s log cabins. What we call 'the pub' - our party barn. We have trails for off-roading, for mountain biking and ATVs. We've got a pond. We've got a place for our 11-year-old to really be a boy.

How many homes have you renovated?
Eight. And we've been married 20 years. We've kind of slowed down now that there's a child involved.

What do you love about renovating?
I love saving places. Personally, what drives me to do these homes is I love saving them. Almost every house we did had been written off - too big a project.... I let the house totally speak to me, and we change our look every time.

What's your house like now?
It is a tudor, so it's got a lot of little rooms. And it's got four stories. It's like a tree house. It's definitely furnished in a way that's more dark and earthy because of the way the house looks. Everything inside is shades of mushroom and browns.

Where do you find all of your stuff?
I got to as many big antique shows as I can all around the country. And you make relationships with dealers.... I do have girls who work for me - my little scouts.... And I do have a whole pool of people who make things for me.

Kristy Eckert is the editor of Capital Style.