Marybeth Walters, 48
Co-owner, Hannahgrace's Doll House
15 E. Waterloo St., Canal Winchester

Obviously this is a doll shop, but what do you offer?
Our big item is Lee Middleton play babies. The Polaris Newborn Nursery closed, so we are the only authorized Newborn Nursery in Central Ohio.

What sets those particular dolls apart?
It is weighted, and it feels very much like a real baby. They look real. You can choose blue eyes, blonde hair. You can choose whatever qualities you want. The mouths are closed in some; the mouths are open in some. You can put bottles or binkies in and treat them like a real baby.

The store's name is a combination of the names of your daughter and co-owner Cindy Weaver's daughter. Why open a doll store?
Both of our daughters love baby dolls, and we just wanted to share that with Ohio and with the world. It's such a positive thing. And I loved my babies! I never put them down; they never cried.

What's your daughter Hannah's collection like?
It's all Middleton. She's been carrying Middleton - and so has Cindy's daughter, Grace - since she was 2. She was too young to name it, so it was "heavy baby." Between the two of them, they probably have 20.

Do you collect dolls?
I don't.

You have a whole collection here though, so you don't need them at home, right?
Yeah. And when they sell, Cindy and I get kind of sad! We get attached to them.

A little girl just walked out of here with a new doll and a Hannahgrace's stroller to push the baby around town for their first spin together. What all happens when a girl adopts a doll?
When they adopt a baby, they sit in that chair. They take a promise and do a baby check-up. When they say they promise to always kiss them goodnight, I hand them the baby and say, "Congratulations!" And then we take their picture and mail them a card.

What happens on the stroller ride through downtown, then?
We give them some free little things. They get a cookie on us from the bakery and two little small gifts from the jeweler and Victoria's Attic, which is a little tea shop.

What else does your shop sell?
We also have Berenguer babies. And these sell very well also. And these are weighted also to feel real. We have Viva jewelry, which we so love. They're clay beads. And then we have Donna Sharp handbags.

What's the best part of it all?
I love when I hand them their baby and I say, "Congratulations, Hannah!" And they just smile. And they take it very seriously.

Kristy Eckert is the editor of Capital Style.