Specializing in cabinet hardware for doors, kitchens and baths, the store has a loyal following among interior designers, builders and architects.

Linda Manket & Mona McCale, 59 & 60
owner & showroom manager of Premium Hardware
271 Schofield Dr., Columbus

Would you tell us what your store offers?
McCale: It's a decorative door, cabinet, bath and accessories store.
Manket: The pretty stuff!
McCale: Knobs and pulls.
Manket: The fun stuff to buy.

And how is it different than the big boxes?
Manket: We have a much, much more extensive selection than they do. Home Depot's for more basic items, and we have a huge selection.
McCale: There's probably over 3,000 pieces of cabinet hardware in here.
Manket: This is a type of place that interior designers come (along with) builders, architects.

You also pride yourselves on customer service. What's your background?
Manket: I've worked in the building industry and the design industry for 23 years.
McCale: I've been in the industry for 18 years.
Manket: We know what's going on in lines. We're always picking up new things.

You've sold pieces to owners or decorators of many high-profile homes, yes?
Manket: We've been very fortunate. We've done Gordon Gee's home.
McCale: The same thing with Michael Redd's house.
Manket: And we did LeBron James'.

People don't have to be building a new home, though, or even renovating completely to enjoy the benefits of a few of these pieces, right?
Manket: It's a good way to update your home, refresh your home.

You have everything from football pulls to artistic crystal pulls. What's an example of another unique product?
McCale: The Soko line (which includes bronze sculptured people made to look like they're crawling up furniture). You've got the hooks, you're got the pulls. They're very unique.
Manket: It's artwork!

And offering folks water in wine glasses is a nice touch, I must say.
Manket: I think we have a lot of fun here. The clients feel comfortable here. They're not rushed. We take a very special interest in all of our clients, no matter what they're buying or how much they're buying.

Kristy Eckert is the editor of Capital Style.