Jin Fillinger, 33
Owner, Jinny
844 N. High St., Short North

So what is your shop about?
It is about styling a confident woman. We pride ourselves in dressing a woman who is confident and is dressing for herself. Someone who loves fashion, someone who loves fashion magazines.... We are so passionate about fashion education.

Who are some of the designers you carry?
We really focus on international designs. Preen. Isabel Marant from Paris. 3.1 Phillip Lim, which is somewhat of a domestic staple. We carry Willow. Ports 1961. Alexander Wang. We carry layering tanks by Kain. We carry Current/Elliott jeans. Rachel Pally.

Can you talk a bit about not just helping a client choose a dress, but a whole look?
If you come in here for an event piece, we really take you through the whole event. Whether or not it's from the store, it's trying to create a whole look for a client. We're really here for wardrobe consultation and for styling.

If women want the latest "it" piece, it's far cheaper to go to Forever 21 and snag it rather than investing in a boutique piece. Why do you think it's better to invest?
I'm a real tactile person. I really love the feeling of fabric. I really want to spend money on pieces that are going to go the distance.... I think for me as a woman, the things that you love to wear, you want to keep going back to. You want to trust it.

You're a California native and worked as a fashion editor, producer and stylist before coming here. What brought you to Columbus?
My husband got a job promotion back this way. He's from Ohio, and he was like, "Hey, what do you think about going to the Midwest?"

So what's your take on the fashion scene here?
I feel that the clients that we've been exposed to and the clients that we love are incredibly real. I used to dress personas, and I was craving something more visceral. To come here and feel like this truly was normal, that people know who they are... that was incredibly refreshing.

What's your favorite line at the moment?
I'm going to say Preen from the UK. It's a new line for us. The attention to detail on the dresses is amazing. And the fabrication they use to make the dresses - I think it's a gateway drug! (laughing)

Why do you love styling women so much?
You can see that they feel empowered as women, and that is so gratifying to us. The way a woman dresses is so uniquely tied to her self confidence. I'm not saving the world. But there's something so attractive to me about lifting a woman's sense of self.

Kristy Eckert is the editor of Capital Style.