On Paper
Joan Schnee, 50
Owner, On Paper
737 N. High St., Short North

Q: You have a sunny, sophisticated shop. Could you tell people what it's all about?
A: It is a paper store, and it's devoted to preserving the written word on paper and fostering communication.

Q: So what do you sell?
A: Our main business focus is our invitations and personalized stationery. We really have national clients for wedding invitations. We've been published in Modern Bride and Elegant Bride.

Q: You also have a lot of other goodies, too, yes?
A: Greeting cards, stationery, boxed stationery. We have the largest collection of colored card stock and envelopes.

Q: You've been open for 13 years. How has the store changed?
A: We started out offering classes with an emphasis on hand-made paper. Now, I'd say it's more gift-focused as well. We carry purses and we carry jewelry and we carry scarves. At the beginning, we only focused on paper.

Q: What's your personal background?
A: I grew up in New Jersey, and I lived in New York for a long time. I moved to Columbus to work for The Limited, and I worked in store design and visual merchandising. I worked with The Limited for seven years.

Q: What prompted you to go this direction?
A: My hobby was papermaking and making cards. When I grew up, I wanted to own a paper store. It sounds corny, but it really was like that as long as I could remember.

Q: Why here?
A: I thought Columbus was the perfect place to do it. There really wasn't anywhere else like it at the time. And I thought the Short North was the perfect neighborhood, because it really embraces the art form, the artistic qualities of paper.

Q: You obviously love it--and are good at it. Why are you so passionate about it?
A: I love being able to take handmade things and put them in a beautiful space and share them with people. It could be journals made by an Italian craftsman or note cards pressed at a tiny studio. And I love that it keeps changing. It really evolves. It's interesting.