Debbie & Ron Lime, 44 & 45 and
Jenny and Rob Zedeker, 39 & 40
Co-owners of lilylimes
7850 Olentangy River Rd., Worthington

Q: OK, Ron & Jenny are siblings, and you all decided together to open a children's boutique. How would you describe the shop, which opened in January?
Debbie: It's a great destination for the perfect gift, and I believe we sort of specialize in fun, fresh finds.
Jenny: We want to have stuff that you're not going to find anywhere else. Some of the lines we have, California is the next closest place that carries them.
Debbie: We enjoy the quest!

Q: Can you offer examples of some of your gifts?
Debbie: Our diaper cakes the perfect ready-to-give gift. It doesn't need wrapped, just presented. Bouquets made out of baby clothes. We have great piggy banks. We have the Tori Spelling line of clothing.
Rob: We have sock monkeys.
Jenny: Lots of bows and hair accessories.
Debbie: Trumpette socks were a much-requested item. We pride ourselves on listening to our customers.

Q: You also carry a few adult gifts, including sunglasses that were featured on the Ellen DeGeneres Show. What was demand for those like right after she showed them?
Rob: We had people call from Vancouver, South Africa and Australia (trying to buy them).

Q: You all actually currently work elsewhere in or around retail in one capacity or another. What prompted the idea to open your own shop?
Debbie: I've been a shopper all my life. And Ron saw that as an asset and not a liability (laughing).
Ron: I had to channel it!
Jenny: She has an eye for spotting something that could be a trend.
Debbie: I am an information junkie.

Q: Once you chose this space, the guys actually did much of the renovation themselves, right?
Ron: Rob did the carpentry.
Debbie: And all the painting.
Rob: And a slight bit of plumbing.
Ron: We replaced over half the ceiling tiles.
Debbie: It's been a great family bonding experience!

Q: What's customer feedback been like?
Ron: They walk in and squeal!
Debbie: We've had comments like, "Is this a flagship store?" Which we take as a compliment.

Q: And Rob and Jenny--your children, who are 8 and 4, have even helped in getting the store up and running, yes?
Rob: We've actually seen Emma take a customer around the store.
Jenny: And she's not trained! She just loves it.