Downtown's BoMA -- formerly known as the Bar of Modern Art -- is a church-turned-event-venue that hosts many of the city's biggest and best fashion shows. But it boasts more than just a sanctuary ideal for a catwalk. So we found one spectacular model, Nicolene Schwartz, and several fabulous spring looks, and then spent a day playing in BoMA's many artsy spaces. The result is a fashion spread we're sure you'll enjoy. Here's a look at its making, through the lens of photographer Jodi Miller.

Elizabeth Bean Smith (front), owner of Wardrobe Therapy, outfits some of the most well-known women in Columbus. But the Bucyrus native is still a small-town girl at heart (and is even married to her high-school sweetheart).

Photo editor Will Shilling (right) takes about 2,000 pictures during each fashion shoot.