Faye Muncie was in her twenties the night she fell in love. With wine. "I had a bottle of Chateauneuf-du-Pape for a dinner," she said. "I just decided I wanted to buy an expensive bottle, and that sounded sophisticated. I bought that wine, and it was all over from there."

Now 53, Muncie co-owns Hausfrau Haven. Once a general store with gifts and some wine, the German Village shop has been transformed into a specialty wine store that carries vino from all over the world, in addition to beer, cards and gifts. Since taking the reins there nearly 15 years ago, Muncie learned more about wine the way she suggests anyone should: "Read, read, read and taste, taste, taste."

She also takes annual trips to various wineries, with plans to visit Champagne, Barcelona and the Catalonia wine country this year.