Anyone can light some charcoal and roast watery hot dogs. That's not a barbecue. A true grill master knows better and always has the right tools. Impress the guests at your next cookout with these manly must-haves.

Cutting Edge
To slice or dice, you can't beat this pair: A 10-inch chef's knife by Kasumi and Epicurean's slick composite cutting board. They're durable (and delightful to the eyes).

Available at:
The Cookware Sorcerer,
688 N. High St., Short
North; $172 (knife), $73 (board)

By the Horns
Likely bigger than your first kitchen, the Bull Longhorn grill cart is a hulking heat fortress with five 15,000 BTU burners, dual side range and motorized rotisserie.

Available at:
Gas Grills Now,
4577 Lyman Dr., Hilliard; $2,897

Pie Guy
Cook up the crisp crust and rich flavor of a brick-oven slice with the Pizza Que Grill Stone, a slab of porous clay that sits atop your grill and collects the heat needed for the perfect pie.

Available at:
Williams-Sonoma, Easton Town Center; $100

Wild Things
Mix up your next patio meal with a few bison ribeyes sourced from an Ohio family farm. They're raised ethically-and are always tasty.

Available at:
North Market Poultry and
Game, North Market; $21 per pound

Lip-Smacking Sauce
Nearly anything you throw on an open flame improves with a slathering of Applewood Smoked Bourbon Chipotle Barbecue Sauce, a flavorful concoction from a local favorite.

Available at:
CaJohns Flavor & Fire,
North Market; $6