With three little boys and too much chaos, Laura Hamrick was about to lose it in the grocery store. The vibrant saleswoman-turned-stay-at-home mom tried to balance her 8-month-old son's container of Cheerios on the cart handle, thinking it should somehow attach. So she went home and designed OnTray, a plastic dish that clips to grocery carts and holds snacks, coupons and more. To date, roughly 20,000 have been sold worldwide, and the product--available at several stores and www.OnTray2Go.com--has appeared everywhere from Oscars gift baskets to Parents magazine. "It's not going to change the world, but it's one of those gadgets in life that just makes the world a little bit better," said Hamrick, 36. "It's amazing how people say, 'You know, this is the best $7 I ever spent.' That's exciting to me."

Life Style
My greatest passion: Raising respectable, good boys
My biggest annoyance: You know what my sonsare doing now? Armpit noises.
The thing that makes me laugh hardest: My kids. And "Modern Family."
My ideal day includes: A lot of silence. Maybe a good book. And the sun. Maybe even the sand, if I can get away to the beach.
For my last supper, I would choose: My dad's chicken noodle soup
I feel fulfilled when: At night, when I'm sitting down after everybody's in bed and my chores are done and we survived another day, and everybody's healthy and happy and home.

Hobby: I love to read. I'd like to read a little more.
Book: "The Lovely Bones"
Band: Dave Matthews Band. Cheesy, but I love 'em.
Restaurant: It used to be Morton's. Obviously I didn't go there enough!
City: Paris
Charity: A portion of OnTray sales benefit Feeding America
Saying: From Dr. Coulman (a dentist she worked for): "If you don't have time to do it right the first time, when are you going to have time to do it again?"